Friday, July 06, 2007

Homemade Cherry Pitter

Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet?

Wednesday, I decided to make a big fruit salad for Marcus' BBQ he was having over here. I've been really craving fruit since I had a good fruit salad at breakfast over at the Flying J truck stop when we went out last Sunday. Well, we went to Target for groceries and wouldn't you know it? No honeydew melons (which I was really craving) and no decent cantaloupe. They had some really tiny "organic" ones for $4 a piece. Um, no thanks. Well, Marcus drove me to King Soopers and they had cantaloupe (and some good looking green grapes), but still no honeydew. WTF? After we got home, I went ahead and braved Walmart by myself. Not only did I find the honeydew, but they also had cherries for $1 a pound. I was shocked! They've been around $3-4 a pound, so I haven't had cherries in forever. I grabbed a bag and now wish I had gotten more.

Well, as I was putting the salad together, I realized that I don't own a cherry pitter. I tried using a knife and ended up making mush of a couple of cherries. What was a girl to do? Google. I found a site that explained how to make a cherry pitter out of a household paper clip. With a little practice, it worked quite well.

I was a little irked because I had taken a watermelon from a bin at Target marked seedless, but I was obviously not when I cut into it. I personally like seeded watermelons better, but I really hadn't wanted to have to pick seeds out for my salad. I was hoping to find some good peaches or maybe throw in some mandarin oranges, but the peaches were hard (I guess it's too early still) and I totally spaced the oranges. Oh, well.

Anyway, my fruit salad finally consisted of cantaloupe, honeydew, green grapes, red grapes, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, apples and watermelon. I was even a good girl and tossed my apples with a little bit of lime juice so they wouldn't turn brown as fast. In addition to serving it at the BBQ and sending some home with Dad, I've had it for lunch the past two days at work, too. Yummy!